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Personal Injury /
Medical Malpractice

By working with a personal injury lawyer that is intimate with this area of the law,
you can breathe easier know that you will be navigated through the complex maze
with finesse and the steady hand of a veteran.

Why hire a Medina personal injury attorney?

I have extensive experience in preparing claims for compensation in even the most serious of injury cases. In less severe accidents, such as minor fender benders in which a victim suffered whiplash, bruising or other painful injury, it is no less vital to have legal representation. When seeking fair and full compensation, every type of loss and damage must be fully addressed in a comprehensive claim filed for the injured client. We understand the process and how insurance companies operate, and can help the client in resolving these matters to their benefit.

Get Fair Compensation for Your Injuries!
A Medina Medical Malpractice Attorney Can Help!

I am a knowledgeable lawyer who has successfully represented many clients in medical malpractice cases. When you or a loved one has suffered because of inadequate medical care, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages. If you believe you or a loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice, it is critical that you contact the firm to discuss your case as soon as possible after the incident.
If negligence can be proven, you may be entitled to recover all of your medical costs caused by the medical malpractice, lost wages if you were unable to work during this time period pain and suffering or other damages, based on your circumstances. I understand what a difficult time this is for a family who has suffered from incompetent medical care. No one should have to suffer injury, illness or permanent harm from negligent medical treatment. I can assist you in the necessary legal action that is so important in such cases.

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