Success Stories

  • State vs. SF #21CR1004/Medina County Felony-4 Theft/Drugs (reduced to Misdemeanor probation).
  • State vs. WS #21TRC4193/MMC OVI (reduced to Physical Control).
  • State vs. MN #21CRB0408/MMC Sexual Imposition Registration (Offense reduced to Public Indecency misdemeanor-3).
  • State vs. TT Defendant, Case No. CR-09-522086A/Cuyahoga County Felony Rape (Dismissed without trial).
  • State vs. DM Defendant, #CR-10-543545/Cuyahoga County Felony Kidnapping & DV (reduced to simple assault; no jail time).
  • State vs. JL Defendant, #13-CR-0099/Wayne County Felony OVI + Firearm charges/dismissed (no jail; probation transferred out of state).
  • State vs. RL Defendant, #19-CRC-0409/Wayne County Felony Assault (no prison; probation/supervision).
  • State vs. JE Defendant, #10-CRI-0001/Ashland County Felony OVI (minimum sanctions imposed upon sentence).
  • State vs. JS Defendant, #07-CRI-0024/Ashland County Felony Rape x 3 (reduced to 1 GSI).
  • State vs. ES Defendant, #17-CRB-XXXX/Cuyahoga County Felony Burlary/BE (reduced to misdemeanor trespass and convictions sealed/expunged).
  • State vs. KP Defendant, #19-CR-01037/Medina County Felony-2 Drug Possession in school zone with 2 firearm mandatory 2 year consecutive prison terms (firarm charges dismissed; no jail or prison; placed on probation/supervision despite legal presumption for 2-8 year prison term).
  • State vs. JY Defendant, #17-CR-0072/Medina County Felony Theft >$100,000 from Elderly (charges amended/no jail or prison or probation).
  • State vs. TJB Defendant, #10-TRC-06675/Medina Municipal Court OVI (dismissed/evidence suppressed).
  • State vs. TR Defendant, #19-TRC-05651/Medina Municipal Court OVI (reduced to physical control).

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